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Joint Care for Dogs

I used to have all sorts of joint problems. Thankfully, my owner spotted the problem when I couldn’t walk as far as I used to. Then he took me to the vet to help me get back on track.

He advised that regular walks with my owner are an excellent way to spot any developing health issues – particularly with joints. He also explained how by changing my food I could get my bounce back.

Nearly a third of our owners believe that their dog has mobility problems that usually occur when cartilage is worn away faster than it can be replaced.  Cartilage acts as a cushion to protect the bones, so when it wears away joints become swollen and painful causing mobility to be impaired.

Although these changes in the joints are not totally curable, the good news is that a simple change of food, such as Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine j/d, can help get pets moving again by preserving healthy cartilage and easing aching joints. Ask your vet for details.

How to spot if your dog has mobility problems:

  • Stiffness and difficulties rising
  • Reduced playfulness
  • Difficulty climbing stairs or jumping into a car
  • Lagging behind on walks
  • Limping or awkward gate

What causes joint problems?


Young dogs like me can suffer from mobility problems, and as we get older, cartilage begins to degenerate so that most elderly dogs will experience mobility problems to some degree.


Larger breeds are more prone to joint problems.  These include: Rottweillers, Labradors, Golden Retrievers and Dobermans.  However, small breeds are commonly affected too.

Excess weight

We all know how difficult it is for us to say no to that chocolate cake… But the truth is that, keeping slim and fit helps us to move better and not to put extra stress on our joints, which can lead to joint problems.

Accidents and damage

Joints can deteriorate as a result of stress or trauma caused by an accident.

Congenital defects

Some of us are born with conditions that make joint problems more likely in later life.


Occasionally, an infection can lead to the destruction of joint tissue and cartilage.

Finding your local vet

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